We inspire and nurture musical growth, instill a lifelong love of music, move you on toward higher achievement, and make learning piano fun.

    ***  Offering In-home and Online Zoom lessons ***

What We Offer

1.Instruction 2.Piano Tuning 3.Performances

Private, one-on-one instruction on piano and keyboards

Half-hour, 45 minutes, or one hour lessons

All ages and skill levels

Lessons structured to the individual

All styles and types of music

Recreational music making (RMM) available to those who wish to relax, enjoy, and have fun playing their music

Theory and composition

Piano Tuning​

Do you have a piano in your home or public facility that is out of tune?  Chris Lampos has tuned the piano at the Mitchell Park Domes for the Milwaukee Area Piano Teachers Association (MAPTA), and in various public venues around SW Florida, and she offers her services to the general public here in Naples and Bonita Springs.  Chris earned a Diploma from Niles Bryant School of Piano Tuning/Technics in Sacramento, California.  Keep your piano and you sounding beautiful!

Live Performances

Chris Lampos has been performing live for many years and can play in an array of styles to suit your needs.  If you are planning an event and need a professional entertainer, please contact PianoUnlimited to discuss the type of event you are hosting.  We can design a playlist that works well with your event.

What our customers are saying

Aniko R.

I have known Christine Lampos (Chris) for six and a half years.  She is great with my son and he loves to take his piano lessons.  She is very knowledgeable and professional.  He has learned so much in this time.  Ms. Lampos is so much fun, and strict at the same time, which is what I love about her.  She genuinely wants her students to do well, and it is clear that she is passionate about teaching and having fun in learning.  I would definitely recommend her as a piano teacher.  

Laura L.

Christine Lampos is a wonderfully patient instructor who makes learning to play the piano a fun, creative, interesting, and enjoyable experience!  I very much do recommend her! Thank you!  

Matt R.

I have been taking lessons with Ms.Lampos for many years.  I really enjoy the lessons because she makes them very fun and very challenging.  If you are just starting out or even if you are already advanced, she is the best teacher out there.  

Dr. Toni S.

After not playing for the past 40 years, Christine has helped me rediscover the joys of playing that I knew as a child.  She has helped me to remember to practice and to also have fun! 

Penny K.

I dropped an object into my grand piano and it lodged itself under the piano strings.  I could not reach it to get it out.  I called PianoUnlimited and Chris came over, and with two instrument tools, retrieved the object out of the piano!  I was relieved that it finally came out.  I recommend Chris -- she did a great job!

Vivian J.

Christine came to tune my Steinway grand piano.  It had been moved from New York to Naples, Florida, and was really due for a tuning.  After Chris tuned it, the sound of the piano was fantastic!  I so enjoy playing it again.  Thank you Chris!!

Sue R.

Thank you for a perfectly wonderful, "couldn't-have-been-better" job of playing the piano! Your selection of songs were well played and brought smiles and hums from many in the audience!